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Linda Ahlers.

Linda Ahlers

Linda Ahlers (BS Retailing 1972) is the retired president of Marshall Field's, a division of Target Corporation. After the May Company purchased Target Corporation in 2005, Ahlers retired and has since been living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ahlers serves on the School's Retail Program Assessment Committee, which serves as a bridge between the industry and the academic program. Specifically, it is exploring what students need to know in order to succeed and identifying key elements of the best academic programs. She was motivated to contribute to the 100 Women Campaign through Dean Robin A. Douthitt's passion for the School and a building tour. The facility is in need of investment, according to Ahlers. Ahlers encourages other alums to think about how they might get involved in today's life of the School, whether that's by talking to students about their experiences or supporting in a financial way. "Alums [can] pool their resources to make big things happen."