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Department Chair, Consumer Science, 2011

Consumer Cooperative Specialist, Family Living Programs, UW-Extension, Cooperative Extension, 1985

Professor, Consumer Science, 1985

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4210 Nancy Nicholas Hall, 1300 Linden Drive608-262-7390


Ann Hoyt is professor and department chair of Consumer Science and is a state specialist at the University of Wisconsin - Extension. She teaches courses in Retail Financial Analysis and Consumer Cooperatives. Ann also develops educational opportunities and training materials for consumer cooperatives throughout the country. Ann is the principal investigator for a $9 million annual grant to the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System and the Southern Child Welfare Training Partnership. Both programs develop and deliver training curricula for child welfare workers throughout Wisconsin. For several years Ann was the co-principal Investigator for a large on-going grant to the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives designed to study the economic impact of U.S. Cooperatives. Ann conducts a highly successful outreach educational program for managers and directors of U.S. retail food cooperatives. An internationally known expert on cooperative business and cooperative governance, Ann has trained several thousand cooperative and non-profit directors throughout the country and is the creator of a video-based director training program for cooperatives. In addition, she serves on several cooperative and foundation boards of directors.

Research & Creative Endeavors

Professor Hoyt's research interests include measurement of the size, scope and economic impact of US cooperatives, the scope and contemporary history of cooperatives world wide, cooperatives' ability to generate social capital, comparisons consumer behavior of utility cooperative members and customers of municipal and investor-owned utilities and cooperative governance.


Serves as Principal Investigator for the Southern Child Welfare Training Partnership & Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System. These projects develop curriculum and conducts training for child welfare workers, juvenile justice workers and foster parents. Design and direction of the annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association conference for 23 years. Extensive teaching, strategic planning and facilitation for boards and managers of consumer and purchasing cooperatives. Long time service on the board of directors of the National Cooperative Business Association and the UW Credit Union, including several terms as the board chair.

Publications / Exhibitions

  • Hoyt, Ann, Forthcoming, 2012, "The International cooperative movement: A quiet giant." Chapter in A Special Kind of Business: the Cooperative Movement 1950-2010... and Beyond to be published by the Cambridge University Press.

  • Majee, Wilson and Ann Hoyt, 2011. "Cooperatives and community development." Journal of Community Practice. Volume19, Issue 1.

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  • Leviten-Reid, Catherine and Ann Hoyt. 2009, "Community-Based Home Support Agencies: Comparing the Quality of Care of Cooperative and Non-profit Organizations." Canadian Journal on Aging/Revue canadienne du vieillissement, Volume 28, issue 02, pp. 107-120.

  • Hueth, Brent, Ann Hoyt, Steve Deller and Brad Barham, 2009. "Research on the Economic Impacts of Cooperatives." A study to identify all cooperatives in the United States and to determine their impact on the U.S. economy. Available at

  • Hoyt, Ann. 2003. "Consumer Ownership in Capitalist Economies: Application of Theory to Consumer Cooperation." Cooperatives and Development: Theory and Applications for the 21st Century. Christopher D. Merrett and Norman Walzer, eds.

  • Hoyt, Ann. 2003, "Up a Creek With a Paddle: Excellence in the Board Room." Monograph of Keynote Speech presented at Association of Cooperative Educators Annual Institute, San Juan, Puerto, Rico. University of Saskatchewan Center for Cooperatives, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


  • Sociology, B.A,, University of Minnesota
  • Consumer Economics, M.S., University of California-Davis
  • Family Economics, Ph.D., Kansas State University

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