Photo of students on lawn.

Dean Robin Douthitt with Human Ecology students celebrating the School's centennial. Credit: University Communications.

The Human Ecology Legacy

The School of Human Ecology provides a small-school setting in a world-class university. We are committed to enhancing the development of our students by nurturing the complementary relationship between professional and liberal arts education. This approach prepares graduates to assume leadership positions in their personal, civic, and professional lives. We also encourage our students to assume leadership roles beyond the classroom in student organizations, internships, volunteering, and research opportunities.

We strive to understand the interdependence of individuals, groups, and families within their social, psychological, economic, designed, and cultural environments through interdisciplinary research, creative innovation, teaching, learning, and outreach.

Our mission is to improve the quality of human life. Generations of students dedicated to fulfilling this mission have found an academic home in one of Human Ecology's nine majors:

Each major is based on a background of course work in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the biological, physical, and natural sciences. The focus of our undergraduate professional programs may be in scientific, aesthetic, and/or business areas.


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